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Leee John - London, England - Lead singer of the Soul/Rnb & Pop group that is Imagination

Here is the second Audio Interview of a group or act in regards to the Electric Soul Show website. This time it is with the 1980's Soul/Rnb and Pop act known as Imagination.Imagination had world wide hits with tracks such as Body talk, Music and Lights, Changes, Just and Illusion, In the Heat of the Night, So good,so right, Flashback, Thank you my Love and Burning Up.

Imagination - Britains Black First Super Group?

To "listen" to the Interview please "click" on the START BUTTON to be able to listen to the whole Interview. The Interview gives a firm view of the beginings of Leee John of Imagination, and how they got their first record deal, how it came about in regards to gaining their big smash hit "BODY TALK" and finally the future of Imagination. Please have a listen to the Interview. However please note that the interview is copywrited. Any use of the interview or the image provided requires the permission of the owners of the Electric Soul Show.

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