Freeez - Southern Freeez - 1980/1981

southern freez - 1981

I'm going back in time again with this single. Yeap I was going through that record box again I'm afraid, and this time I picked up an album that I hadn't played in years which made me smile.which 

The single from the album in question was/is "Southern Freeez" by the group called Freeez which caused all that fuss back in the 1980's. The singles release came about during the month of January, 1981.

The album was a debut release from the 5 piece, Jazz/Funk band based in London called Freeez, back in 1980. Via the release of the single into the national charts. We saw an explosion of interest within the music that was Jazz/Funk which had been created  by artists such as Herbie Hancock and others years before.

Inpendandant Album Link about Southern Freeez - 1980 - Please Click link

Along with Hi Tension, Light of the World and Level 42 (Funk or Jazz/Funk bands) - England was within a Jazz Funk musical bubble.

These groups hoped that their single releases put out music as Jazz/Funk would be taken as serious as their American counter parts had done at least 10 years earlier.

The group consisted of - Led by John Rocca (percussion/vocals), along with Peter Maas (bass), Paul Morgan (drums), and Andy Stennett (keyboards) and Gordan Sullivan (Guitar)

The band fused traditional disco with jazz/funk, and Latin rhythms with varying degrees of success.

However on this track alone the vocalist that has made the song so special in club land history is none other than - Ingrid Mansfield-Allman

At the time the single sounded so fresh, invirograting and exciting; and then to make within the Uk top ten music charts. Made it even more special for us over in the Uk. 

And finally to see the group performing on Top of the Pops music chart show ( here in the uk) as well was the icing on the cake for us Soul/Funk and Jazz Funks

fans at the time..

Freeez - "Southern Freez - Top of the Pops appearance (Uk) - during 1981:

The Lyrics of the famous song are below.

Love saw it in your eyes
Sensed it in your smile
Boy I like your style
Oh yeah

When I saw you on the floor doing the southern freeez
Then I knew you were the one the only one for me

Love feel it in your touch
In the way you move
I like it very much yes I do

Time time is moving on
Guess it’s getting late
Soon you’ll take me home

People everywhere doing the southern freeez
Laughing all the time this is the life for me

Heartbeat whisper in my ears
Now it won’t be long no
Just you and me my dear yeah
Sweet darling making love so slow
Your so beautiful yes you are
You got me all a glow

When I saw you on the floor doing the southern freeez
Then I knew you were the one, the only one for me

Legend has it that the song title came about due to a dance craze which began in London called the "Freeze". Dancers or clubbers alike that were dancing to the track that was/is by Rodney Frankyln called "The Groove - 1980" would stop still as the music stopped within the record. And would only move until the record itself progressed.- (Source - "Robert Elms Show". October 4, 2013. Event occurs at 2:30:20. BBC London 94.9.)

The Single - Rodney Frankyln - The Groove - 1980:

Another firm favourite of mine from the album that is called "Southern Freez" is the track called "Mariposa". Another class track that should have been released in my opinion rather than the next and official 3rd release from band which was "Flying High"

The "Mariposa" track has the expected Jazz/funk element within its make up. Also within the initial opening bars of the song - we are greeted by some great piano playing. And finally some Brazillian styled vocal arrangement by the bands members. The drumming throughout the song is also to be marvelled at as well.

The Album version of Mariposa - Please Click on the You Tube video below

I remember seeing the band peform the song live on another legenday, BBC Music show here in England called The Old Grey Whistle Test.
(*I have include the Live performance) and vinyl release so you hear the differences yourself. I just love this single.

The group called Freeez appearance Live on TheOld Grey Whistle Test performance below:

However, the song called "Southern Freeez" is the one that the band will always be remebered for.

In fact it reached number 8 in the National pop charts within 1981. One must not forget the fanstastic vocal delivery of Ingrid Mansfield-Allmanon this song.

Her voice is prefect for this track. I just think that this song could only have been sung by herself. She put her own indelible mark on it.

If you ever get the chance to listen to the whole album. And even If you don't like the music of Jazz as a musical concept. After reading this article you might well change your mind abou this concept of Jazz - Jazz/Funk

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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