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Pop Music, or Music in general has always been a image led business. However, the Industries move to sexualise the business even further from what it was has raised the eyebrows of even the most liberal person.

The Sex sells mantra seems to be force behind the marketing of music in regards to reaching the charts these days. Don't get me wrong, but since the 1960's, sexual overtones has always played a part within the music scene.

Who can forget the sexual overtones and imagery within songs like"Love to Love you baby - Donna Summer (1975), "Wet Dream" by Max Romeo (1969) and Pillow Talk by Sylvia Robinson (1974).

For those of you who like to "ROCK". I and many others witnessed the video and heard the songs themselves such as "Gimmie all your Lovin" by ZZ Top(1983) and the track and the track called Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer (1988)

 However, its within the Hop and Rnb music world that it seems that they taken over the flame and carried it to a new level.

Videos of half naked women and on some occasion men are now the norm within the scene, and to the music industry in general these days. And with the dance craze (If I can call it that) called "Twerking" now becoming the norm the trend doesn't seem for now to be reversing.

Not all of the videos and songs out there are highly sexualized but a high percentage of them are.

It seems as if imagery or sexually references or both together have now become more important the song itself. One ability to perform or to sing (Or both) is not as important.

However, is it the fault of the Modern day Pop video? Well. lets see. We have to go back before the WORLD got introduced to the company of MTV (1981). (Below is the first ad that was played after the 1st song played on MTV - DATE BEING - 1st August 1981 - The 1 St song played on Mtv was - The Buggles - "Video killed the Radio Star" - 1981)

Before that time you the way that you got to hear your favourite tunes or songs or new songs where either by; listening to your favourite specialised Radio show or Pirate Radio showOr by going to your local disco or going out of town to a much larger music event. Whereby you were dependant on the resistant DJ supplying you with these tunes .

However, times have changed it appears as you know have look like a model, it doesn't mean that you still have some talent. But image is king. Or so it appears to be so.

Some of the world most attractive people are working within this industry and seemingly getting an easy passage to the charts then some one who looks ordinary. (If that is the correct  phrase to use).

The beautiful people have not had it all there own way though. For instance within the world of Soul and R&B music these two people bucked the trend.

The  1st Person that I am going to tell you about is the one and Only - Barry White.

The Late and Great Barry White

Known to the world  by his nickname as the "Walrus of Love".This was due to his music centralising around the emotion that is "Love". Also added to this was his unusually deep voice when it comes to Soul and R&B music. Even though he was born within Galveston, in Texas it is within the City of  Los Angeles, Usa where they claim him as their own.

He had one of the most recognisable voices within the music Industry let alone Soul and R&B Music. This voice of his made him instantly recognisable all over the world.

Let alone his music. However, Barry had an weight problem. Throughout his lifetime, Barry always struggled in controlling his weight. However, this would not be conversation starter when discussing Barry. His voice and music always were.

Another person that I would like to mention within this article would be Luther Vandross.

The late and great Luther Vandross

Luther, is another Soul and R&B music legend. And one that the people of New York City,Usa where he was from hold him dearly to their hearts.

However, where Barry is renowned for his deep baritone voice, Luther is the complete opposite. His is renowned for his deep super silky voice/ I myself liken him to the Soul and R&B vocalists such as Smokey Robinson, Ron Banks or Marvin Gaye of the 1960s and 1970s.

 In my opinion he is my generations (1980s) version of those vocalist that I mentioned above. Luther himself wasn't a bad looking fellow himself (IF I CAN SAY THAT !). However, he was dogged as well by weight problems, and weight fluctuations throughout his life.

At times all of us witnessed that Luther had lost 3 to 4 stones. Then just as quickly he had taken off the weight, it he seemed to have regained in no time whatsoever.

But for us the fans we never saw the weight. All we were interested in was the music, and the news of any new music from the master. Also all of us was enthralled by that voice if his. And what a voice it was.

These two artists I have mentioned crossed all musical barriers. Even staunch fans of music styles such as Heavy Metal or even Opera love these two artists. Even though they might not openly admit it.

Having to have model like looks and at the same time an athletic tone to ones self should not be the end all and be all for a career within the music industry.

You should be able to sing (reasonably well) if you are a vocalist, and perform on stage to a reasonable standard (Play your instruments well).

I miss Radio dominance within the music world in a way from the past. People's view on the music scene was judged upon how well the music that they listened to sounded.

I say this as a few people that I have recently discussed this same subject personally via face to face conversation or via e-mails have stated the same thing.

Some have mentioned the fact that being classed over weight by the powers that be within the music industry has prejudiced them from attaining any musical success at all.

Weight or good looks should never be a determining factor when being judged if you are good enough to have a career within the music Industry. It should be surely be based on how well you sing and perform the song. Surely?

Probably one of the most recent days examples of this was when Susan Boyle audition for the UK TALENT contest known as Britain's got Talent.

The panel that were to judge her consisted of - Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan on the 11th April, 2014.The rest is history as this has gone down as one of the most astonishing debuts ever seen on UK television. Please click on the link below to witness yourselves what happened that day.

(Please click on the You Tube Video below to see the performance again)

As you all noticed that even before Susan Boyle sung she wasn't given a hope just based on her appearance and her looks.

However, she stunned them all that day with her stunning performance and her wonderful voice. 

As mentioned above within this article I still hark for a return to the old days whereby Specialist Radio shows, Themed Night clubs and  Specialist Records stores was where you were going to hear different sounding music. And more importantly then that judge a single or a piece of music, on it sounds and how it makes you feel.

We can't look like Beyonce Knowles or Rihanna Fenty but we can all move past judging people on how one looks. Can't we?

Well that all folks for anyway. Please give me your views about this article. I would love to here them. Just e-mail your views. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me here.

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