Grace Jones from one her images from the 1980's

At this moment in time (April 2015) I have to say that it is Rihanna that courting the column inches via countless style magazines, music magazine and gossip magazines these days. From what she wearing, to the latest hairstyle that she is sporting and to the her latest album release even. She is truly, Barbados first musical superstar.

However we have to go back to the year of 1981 within island of Jamaica that we witnessed the Death of the legendary Frontman, Songwriter and Vocalist that was Bob Marley.

He was the Carribean first global superstar (Bob Marley).

However today it is Rihanna without no question.

Rihanna is todays Caribbean and World Superstar - From Barbados

However it must be said that before there was even Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj, Maralyn Manson, Boy George and Madonna even. There was Grace Jones.

Grace Jonescreated the notion of reinventing herself within the media well before all the other artists mentioned above. Probably the only other persons that maybe can match her in regards to reinventing her or himself on this level would be England's David Bowie or Iggy Pop.

Gracehas been an iconic figure within the world of music and fashion ever since her former partner and French Photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, helped to transform her from tall normal looking human into a androgynous looking figure, topped with a flat top hair style, matched with the 1980’s styled shoulder pads to go with the look at well.

Grace Jones was born on the Island of Jamaica during the year of 1948,( via the area called Spainish town) within Kingston, JamaicaJones and her siblings were raised by her Grand Parents and were rumoured to havebought up the children via a strict religious code. On both sides of her family there were many bishops in her family, including her grandfather, stepfather, and Noel, her brother.

As a child, Jones was shy had only one school friend and was teased by classmates for her "skinny frame", but she excelled at sports and found solace in the nature of Jamaica The Guardian Newspaper article in Oct 12 2008 about Grace Jones -  and (*Sawyer, Miranda (11 October 2008) -State of Grace: Miranda Sawyer meets Grace Jones. London: The Observer. Retrieved 24 May 2013)

When she reached the age of 13, she and her family moved to Syracuse, New York.

Jonescontinued her schooling and after she graduated, enrolled at Syracuse Unniversity (New York) in which she majored in Spanish

It was during her term in collegue that, Jones was approached by a drama professor. He proposed that she work with him in a play he was putting on in Philadelphia, Usa. Jones took his lead and left with him. When she came back to New York at  the age of 18 years old. She then signed on as a model with Wilhelmina Modelling agency.(* Jones the Exotic May Day - Newspaper article. The Afro-American. 8 June 1985. Retrieved 26th May 2013.)

After this she had moved to Paris, France in 1970.The Parisian fashion scene lapped up Jones' unusual androgynous, bold, dark-skinned look. Fashion giants such as Yves St. Laurent, Claude Montana and Kenzo Montana  hired her for runway modelling, and she appeared on the covers of Elle, Vogue and Stern working with Helmet Newton, Guy Bourdin and Hans Feurer (*Kershaw, Miriam (1997). "Performance Art".Art Journal 56 (Performance Art): 19–25 - The Performance Art of Grace Jones)

Whilst modelling in Paris, she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange. Hall and Jones frequented Club Sept, one of Paris's most popular gay clubs of the 1970s and '80s, and socialised with Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld.(*. Fashion Insider: Supermodels Encyclopedia. Retrieved 5th May 2013.)

However, there is one music single from her that I absolutely adore. And I'm sure you do to! It was released in the year of 1981, and released from the album called “Nightclubbing”. The single which I am talking about is simply called “Pull up to the Bumper”.

The single that changed Grace Jones fortunes - Pull up to the Bumper

The song was co written via herself, Kookoo Banyo and Dana Mano. However, after further investigation the original music was created by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakesphere (Jamaican session musicians) during sessions with Grace Jones as early as 1980,; via the album she working on at the time called “Warm Leatherette”Song facts website and article about pull up to the bumper

However, from how we know it today the single that was supposed to the used for the album that was/is called “Warm Leatherette” and it was not to be the same Funk/Rnb single that we recognised Pull up to the Bumper to be today.

It fact the single never made the album as label chief Chris Blackwell decided it would not fit with the other songs that were already lined up to appear on the album.

Instead it came out as an instrumental B side single which was to be called “Peanut Butter” to the A side of Junior Tucker 1981 single called “The Kick (Rock on).

According to Sly Dunbar whilst being interviewed by the Magazine known as the Mojo magazine (December, 2008) sly stated that Grace heard Steven Stanley playing the rhythm track one day within the Studio, and she said

A my riddim that!” Then she started crying, I want back me riddim! Make we call Chris and tell him that me want me Riddim”.So they gave her back the tracks and she and this girl Dana Mano came up the lyrics

The album called Nightclubbing is where the song called Pull up to the Bumper was released on

The song got banned in some parts of the Usa, and the world due to risqué lyrics concerning the  subject of Sexual Intercourse. However, during later interviews she laughed off the suggestion that this was the case. –

Jones, 60, explained that "I don't think it's necessarily about [sex]. I think it means whatever you want it to”Grace Jones Laughs off - Pull up to the Bumper sex myth

When it was released in 1981, for the first time it did not reach the Top 40. However, it got a re-release during the year of 1985 to co-inside a compliation album that was to be put out in regards to Grace Jones 9 years musical work within the music industry. That album was to be called "Island Life"

.Grace Jones - Island Life album release from 1985

Upon its release it reached number 2 on the Usa Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, as well as charting at number 5 on the US Rnb chart as well.In the Uk ,in early 1986 it reached number 12 in the Uk Pop chart. It has since become one of signature tunes.

The rest is history as you can hear below. Please click on the link below to hear the the classic song  - Pull Up to the Bumper agan via the You Tube video

Grace Jones is also known around the world wide for attacking a UK Television Presenter live on air way back in the 1980's. The incident that you can all she for yourself happened on a BBC CHAT SHOW - Hosted by the Uk - Russell Harty during November,1980 on his talk show called "Harty".

Grace slapped Russell a number of times as she thought that he was ignoring her. This was because it appeared that Russell had turned her back on her

(*Please click on the You Tube Vide below to see the incident!!)

It seems as if Grace has not slowed down at all as she has gotten older. First of all we learn that that the BBC are to release and create a documentary film about her life.

The film department of the BBC announced on the 25th March, 2015 - that its own Film department has reached its 25th Anniversary. It has since then commissioned Sophie Fiennes to direct a documentary about the life and times of Grace Jones. It is to be called "The Musical of my Life". The film is to be funded by the BFI and the Irish Film board.

James Wilson and Katie Holly, who are also co-producing the film. State that it will be a "cinematic journey into the private and public worlds of Grace Jones, mixing intimate personal footage with unique staged musical sequences".

The Billboard magazine article about Grace Jones New documentary to be made by the BBC - LONDON, ENGLAND

Not only are we going to be seeing a documentary made about Grace Jones in 2015. We (or you!) are going to be able see her perform once again via a few Festival appearances.

First of all we are going to see her (Grace Jones), Kylie Minoque and Nile  Rodgers (From CHIC) headline the British time festival - 21st June, 2015 in Hyde Park, London.

Please have a look at this latest interview with Grace Jones and The BBC - "Grace Jones on Queens of Disco - March 2012 (*Please have a look at this You tube video).

Please have a look at this latest interview with Grace jones and Jonathon Ross (Friday night with Jonathon Ross show - Sept, 2014)


The Second FESTIVAL that she will be appearing at will be at the Festival called - "Festival Number 6" - based in Portmerion, Wales  3rd to the 6th September, 2015 - and it will features acts such as Belle and Sebastion, Shura and Rae Morris and the Young Farmers

There seems to be no slowing down for this musical icon that is Grace Jones. And we all though that she had retired???? She fooled us all!!

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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