Morning - Brazilian style - Manhã - estilo brasileiro


Azymuth enjoying a joke together


In my youth I got into Brazilian Music via listening to Radio Shows done by Dj's such as Robbie Vincent and Dave Brown  here in England.


They played big hits from back in the day from artists such as  Tania Marie and Giberto Gil for instance that were pure class.

I myself have already written a few articles already on this very website concerning Brazilian music - please do check them out.


What I am about to tell you is about another article about another brilliant, brilliant piece of Brazilian music with has a lovely touch of jazz/funk music to the piece as well.

The song in question is called "Manha" by the Brazilian group that is Ayumith.


However, sad news reached us here within England and around the world when one of the founder members of the group - Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards) pased away within the year of 2012.

(Born - February 21, 1946, Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil and Died -July 8, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

He had been hospitalized for at least two months with liver failure.


Bertrami was the leader of ensemble that is Azymuth, one of the biggest and best-loved homegrown Brazilian groups.

He with the other member of the band fused together Brazilian rhythms and textures withcontemporary American funk and jazz.


For a number people who loves the Brazilian sound. They will state that the "Jazz Carnival" single was Azymuth's crowning glory.

It was and will always be a treasure for all of us Jazz Funk music fans all over the world.I still have my copy (12 inch record) of the record after all those years in my loft someway.



However, the track I love the most from Azymuth is the tune called "Manha".

Its a wonderful, delicious track from Azymuth from all those years ago, and it still sounds great.


The group that is Azymuth started their careers way back in early 1970's as a cover band.

The original band members were - Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards), plus Alex Malheiros (bass, guitars), and Ivan Conti (drums, percussion)


However the chief composer of the group was Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards). They were originally known as Grupo Seleção as a band.

However when Marcos Valle, another giant within Brazilian music invited them to a record a sound track Lp as a tribute to the


Former, Fomular one Racing driving hero from Brazil that was Emerson Fittipaldi; their fortunes changed. The actual recording that was released was called

- O Fabuloso Fittipaldi  - on Phillips records (1973)


One of those tracks on that recording (from the album that was  - O Fabuloso Fittipaldi  - on Phillips records- 1973 which they made) was called "Azimuth".


It was a great success with the music loving Brazilians at the time. It was after this success with the record; that the group

asked Marcos Valle if they could use this name for the name for the band as well. He agreed and the rest is history as they say!!


One of the original members of the band - Ariovaldo Contesini  and a major component of the band (Who was the bands percussionist) who has since died (within the mid 1970's)

- by dying threw into the balance the band continued exsitence.


Before he left however, Ariovaldo managed to stay long enough to help produce Azymuth's first, full,studio album recording that was called 

'Linha Do Horizonte' on the Som Live Label (used in another novella)

 and then the worldwide release of the album of the same name that is - "Azimuth"(Polydor records) in 1975.


After that album was recorded and released Ariovaldo Contesini eventually did leave the band.The records sales that followed the massive popularity of the programme allowed them to be put

forward to release their first full LP..


This LP featured other classics like Manha (a  huge standard on the London club scene at the time) and Faca De Conta. The unique Azymuth sound was born.


 Known within Brazil as Linha Do Horizonte on the Som Live Label. Known to the world as Azimuth (Polydor records) in 1975


Their second album Aguia Nao Come Mosca was an even bigger success.It was also released within the USA and Japan on Atlantic Records, bringing Azymuth much welcomed international attention.This LP led to a world signing with the North American jazz label Milestone Records.


To the band this was something of a total surprise as they were just playing their own music, which they saw as MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) with a touch of jazz.


During the year of 1979, Azymuth's first Milestone record release became one of their best-selling LPs via the label. It was to feature the worldwide disco/fusion hit single -  "Jazz Carnival".


As a single, it sold over 500,000 internationally and remained in the UK top 20 for eight weeks.


Azymuth went on to record a string of albums on Milestone record label, establishing themselves as one the worlds great jazz bands.

They played in the best jazz festivals and venues around the globe, and worked with other musicians like Chick Corea, Joe Henderson, Deodato and Stevie Wonder even.

In 1983 the three members of Azymuth started solo careers, whilst still recording collectively.


However, the trios burgeoning solo commitments caused a heavy toll; and by 1987, Azymuth as a band had split.


In 1995 Joe Davis from Far Out Recordings label was introduced to Azymuth, whilst on a recording project in Rio working with Brazils best jazz musicians.

Instantly both Joe and Azymuth struck a common bond through the music that they loved; and not long afterwards, Joe asked them to record for his label.


In 1996 the album Carnival was released, to excellent reviews and critical acclaim - a welcome return to the bands creative best.


Since 1996 the Azymuth sound has gone from strength to strength and has gained many new, younger fans across Europe.

Through their energetic shows and especially through remixes by some of the most exciting producers around

(Roni Size, 4 Hero, Jazzanova, Kenny Dope and Global Communications to name a few) theyve become an important force once again on the underground jazz scene.


Their more recent releases for Far Out records pays homage to the different styles they have created over the years, sprinkled with 100% new recordings. 


Representing Azymuths fertile period of the late 70s and early 80s (when they would regularly sell in excess of 500,000 albums!)

they welcome percussionists such as Cidinho Moreira and Chacal,

to allow them to create the classic Azymuth sound as heard on Jazz Carnival, Partido Alto and Dear Limertz.


However, the track I love the most from them is the tune called "Manha".


Its a wonderful, delicious track from from all those years ago, and it still sounds immense.The title of the track is known as "Manha" - which to us in England,

or the English speaking world means "Morning".


If you do get to put this track on the during the first beat of the morning. Its the perfect waking up record to start of the day. Have a listen and see how good it is. (I love it,but what do you think?)

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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